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How to Pack for College in 2021

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Although everyone wants life to get back to normal after 2020, we still face lingering issues with COVID-19. That means what you pack for college might need to change based on social restrictions, classroom access, and other local requirements.

You know that clothing, a backpack, binders, and laptops are essential supplies for the modern college experience. When you think about managing the coronavirus, having a few triple-ply facial coverings is necessary – and probably required. Find fun at unique Masks at

Whether the goal is to live in an apartment, dorm, or house, these items should be on your packing list. Be sure to check out any specific rules for your apartment, dorm or house.

1. Bedding

You’ll need sheets, pillowcases, and a blanket. Pillows are good to have, and a mattress cover is essential in a dorm room. If you like to read at night, a small lap that fits near your bed is helpful. Be sure to check the size of the mattress with your university housing as many universities use twin XL instead of the standard twin. 

If your housing allows, blackout curtains are a great idea.  They can help to block out artificial street lights or allow you to sleep in.  Best Blackout Curtains

2. Computer

You don’t need a gaming laptop to have a successful school experience. One of today’s top Chromebooks should give you the power you need. If you need graphics-heavy work or compose music, consider investing in the latest MacBook Pro. A pair of completer or blue light blocking glasses can help your prevent your late computer work from impacting your sleep. 

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3. Desk Accessories

Most dorm rooms come with desks. What you might need is an extension cord, spare batteries, and lots of pens and pencils. If you have roommates, a desk lamp is necessary for those long cramming nights. You might consider getting a combination bulletin board and whiteboard to keep track of assignments and schedules.

4. Kitchen Supplies

You can’t rely on the cafeteria for a midnight snack. Consider packing a coffee maker, a microwave, and a minifridge to meet your needs outside of regular business hours.

5. Laundry Supplies

Whether you live in a dorm or off-campus, the chances are good that you’ll be using coin or card laundry. That means you’ll want to pack supplies to transport your clothing. A pop-out hamper is helpful, and a compressible drying rack will cut your dryer costs. If you have a closet organizer, an iron, and some hangers, you can manage most circumstances.

6. Personal Items

If you’re a first-year student moving away from home, bring shower flip-flops. You don’t know who else has stood on that floor. A shower caddy is also helpful, along with a first aid kit, towels, and washcloths. Unless you plan to bring your clothing into the bathroom, investing in a good robe makes the experience less awkward. When you have an apartment or house, a shower mat is a worthwhile investment.

7. Fun Stuff

The college experience should be fun. Don’t forget to bring the things you love to do! It could be a board game, dart guns, a video game console, or your favorite pictures from your room. One of the best experiences of going to college is to create your first home away from home. Check out Breakout Games for a virtual/physical box escape type game. 

Here’s one final idea: pack an area rug. Most dorm rooms use industrial tile floors because they’re easy to install and maintain. They also tend to be cold year-round. Having a way to cover it that matches your style can make your space feel more like home.

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