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5 Fun Ideas for Your New Year’s Eve Party

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New Year’s Eve is a great night to throw a party. You’re either at college surrounded by your classmates or you’re back at home with your friends from high school, and they all want somewhere to be when the ball drops! Make your party unforgettable with New Year’s Eve party decorations, food, and games!

Your New Year’s Eve party can be the party of the year! Nobody will be able to stop talking about your party when you use these 5 New Year’s Eve party ideas.

1. Confetti

    Confetti blasts are a fun way to ring in the new year! You can usually find confetti poppers to purchase, or you can make your own. Cute and colorful confetti poppers will be memorable! If you want a creative twist on the poppers, try confetti throwers. You put confetti in a tube, and guests can toss the confetti out when the clock strikes midnight! Make the confetti colorful for a fun vibe or metallic gold and silver for more classic elegance!

    2. Balloon Drop

      Don’t we all secretly want to be under the balloon drop on New Year’s Eve? You set up your own balloon drop for your party guests! It’s not too complicated to set up if you have a ceiling, a sheet, and some balloons. Secure the sheet to the edges of the ceiling with a string and fill it with balloons. Pull the string at midnight and watch the balloons fall out! Your friends will love it!

      3. Photo Props

        If you don’t want to rent a photo booth, you can create a cute DIY photo booth for your guests to sit in front of and interact with. Hang giant gold tassels under a big champagne photo for a fringy champagne effect or make a giant selfie frame for everyone to hold up for photos! Feel free to get creative! You’ll want to get photo props as well. Some popular ones are mustaches, lips, and glasses, but you can find speech bubbles that say, “Kiss me!” or oversized glasses. Your guests will love their photo memories of your party! Get a New Year's Themed Shirt at Spunky Pineapple.

        4. Have a Theme

          When decorating for a New Year’s Eve party, you need to have a theme. Some fun themes are the 1920’s, city theme, and bohemian party theme has gained some popularity in recent years. Your activities and decorations should remain coherent with your theme, so it all flows together. Maintain the same color scheme throughout the party so the theme is consistent. Thoughtful decorations, food, and activities make the party more intentional and upscale.

          5. Bubbly Bar

            Whether your guests drink or not, a few drink and add-in choices give your friends the chance to customize their refreshments! Have different types of champagne or sparkling cider, with raspberries, blueberries, mint leaves, and rosemary available to mix with the drinks. If you don’t have a bar cart, decorate the table with flowers, confetti, and signage to add some whimsy to your party!

            It’s going to be the best year yet! Use these ideas to ring in the new year and you’ll secure your position as the resident party planner in your friend group.

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