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The Road to Your Dream Job May Be Curved

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One Recent Graduate’s Journey to Finding Her Passion Again

When I was in second grade, I enjoyed a lot of things: drawing, coloring, riding my bicycle, but one thing that stood out to me was writing poems. They were simple rhyming poems, but I was so proud of them that I would give them to my teacher as presents.

My appreciation for literature and writing grew as I went through high school. My favorite classes were always my English classes, and I didn’t tell anyone that I secretly enjoyed writing essays instead of dreading them like everyone else. Even though I loved writing, I felt that I was meant to be in the medical field, which is why I started taking the required courses for a Speech Therapy program in my area.

My anatomy class didn’t work out well, as science and chemistry were my weakest subjects. I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do, I just knew that I wanted to write for my career, and the best fit looked like a Communications degree. I was especially interested in writing for Public Relations and advertising so that’s what I focused on, and I also wrote for the school newspaper. I wrote my own fashion blog as a hobby on the side because I loved blogging and I followed a lot of blogs.

When I graduated in 2016, the world looked different than it does today. It didn’t seem like I had any options for pursuing a career in Communications in my area and working remotely was still very uncommon.

I took a job as a front desk receptionist at an eye doctor’s office, and I eventually worked my way up to being an optician. An optician helps patients pick out their glasses and fills their lens prescriptions. I enjoyed this because I love fashion, I just didn’t know if it was the best fit for me. But I was still happy doing it, so I continued.

One day, I was scrolling through my social media, and I came across a girl who made her whole living as a freelance writer, working remotely from her laptop. This was interesting to me, because I had written my own blog for fun years ago but had since forgotten it. As I said, when I was in college 2011-2016, the world looked different. Blogging and content creation weren’t taught in my classes because it was a growing industry that wasn’t yet seen as legitimate. Inspired by her, I took her advice and started writing freelance myself.

I had previously thought that all the time and energy I spent building my writing skills were wasted, and now I get to write for people I haven’t met on topics that are fun and interesting. I’ve learned that no amount of education is wasted, no time spent doing something you love is wasted either. The world is constantly changing, and with the online platforms growing every day, there is room for everyone to make a living doing what they love.

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