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The Exciting Future of AR in the Classroom

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Future is full of possibilities

There have been many advances happening around AR technology that can be utilized in education. If you are new to this, we will be seeing some scenarios where AR can be used as a big deal. AR is basically short for Augmented reality and VR stands for virtual reality. Either one of them or combination of them can make student’s learning experience so immersive, that they can learn things 3 times faster than the old book-studies and mug-up-to-get-ranked systems. Here are a few scenarios that will indulge you in the dynamic world of AR.

Now imagine capturing a photo of a circuit, and you are getting the 3d model of the circuit saved inside your phone or smart glass for further analysis. Imagine running simulations on that 3D model and seeing which tracks get hotter and which resistors blow up by power overload, Without making the actual circuits. The simulation tools are already smart enough to understand all of these, but making PCB on 2D canvas is going to be outdated sooner or later with introduction for AR. Imagine analyzing radiation patterns of induction range of a microwave component on the circuit visually, wont it be cool and magical and extremely useful at the same time? With proper integration of the current simulators with AR and a good AR hardware is all it will take to make all of these a reality.

In electronics semiconductor industry we have tools to synthesize the silicon and map advanced thermal analysis. But the 2D nature of our current generation displays do not make it as immersive as the AR can. Imagine taking the SOC in your bare hands virtually, flipping it as you want and see the power/heat distribution on each points immersive way. We see many boring and hard looking tasks will become more interesting, and the understandability of the subject will definitely improve by the factor of 3. Mugging up the books is thing of a past anyway with the introduction of online education massively in the times of pandemic, but AR, is the most impressive milestone that humanity is going to hit for good.

Now imagine a farming school, where students are wearing a headset or merely using their tablet displays to simulate farming on a ground, It will be an efficient teaching method which they can use to learn to farm effectively. They can do farming well, without actually doing any agriculture at all. The scope of VR and AR is making us reimagine the world, and it is way more than playing games at this stage.

There we talked about pre-installed apps to simulate farming, but now imagine a farmer, teaching the kids in real-time as he does his thing. Cropping, analyzing or watering, anything he does is recorded in his camera of maybe smart glass or the smartphone, sent immediately to the students wearing headsets. It will provide them with the live experience which the kids from 90s would never get from the books. Live training, simulation for practice and much more at your disposal, for a better quality of education. AR puts a severe dent in a culture where mugging up is represented as a higher standard of education. Now you won’t be seeing e-Learning much, as the e-Experience will take the world over by the storm.

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